The DC-3 Hangar All the info you could ask for about the DC-3 past and present. I have a video clip of N143D DC-3 on the homepage under the Main Index as "video-fly-by".
Fence check Some great Anchorage, Alaska photos of props and jets!
Falcon Aviation DC-3 training flights website. This is the DC-3 that I help maintain during the annual inspections.
Michael Prophet A long time aviation writer/photographer with similar interests as myself. Old propliner aircraft!
CL-44 website The Canadair CL-44 has been Peter van Leeuwen-Casell's favourite airliner since 1980. Peter collects slides, photographs, video, records to models, drawings and even an inventory of over 600,000 pieces of spare parts for the CL-44.
Ruud Leeuw I check this site often for any new piston propliner aircraft. Tons of excellent aviation photos, discussions, and information.
Mike Carter Mike resides in California and his interests are aircraft photography, airline history, airline business, travel, fine ales, and great food.
National Museum of Commercial Aviation Very new and upcoming museum strictly concentrating on Commercial Aviation History. Located in Forest Park, Georgia and soon to be relocated and displaying full size aircraft and a control tower.
Bruce Drum Great aviation photography by a long time Miami shooter.
Stephen Toernblom Stephen works for Jet Blue and his blog covers aircraft movements, happenings and news at Long Beach Airport along with historical information now and again.
Flying Boxcars Great website created by the men involved in restoring a flying boxcar to airworthy status.
Old Wings photos Website designed and maintained by Aad van der Voet.
Aircraft Photos Lots of old photos from various photographers in alphabetic order.
Axis North Productions Welcome to Axis North. We specialize in video programs on the wonderful and exciting propliner operations of North America and beyond.
American Aviation Historical Society A non-profit educational organization with a primary objective of preservation and dissemination of the rich heritage of American aviation. The Society maintains an extensive collection of books, documents and photographs that are available to members.
Denver Stapleton and Frontier photos On February 27, 1995 the last commercial flight departed Stapleton. Nothing remains now but the memories. This site is dedicated to those memories, which were once our world. Website has a dedicated photo log of Frontier airlines as well.
Ecuador Aviation Photography This blog is set up by a good friend that lives in Ecuador and always extends a warm welcome when I come to visit and shoot at Quito.
Extensive history of the FH-227 family of aircraft Another great detailed website of anything you need to know about the Fairchild FH-227 line of aircraft including pictures and stories documenting its history.