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323 viewsAirline: Air AlgerieType: Boeing 737Registration: 7T-VKCAirport: FRACity: FrankfurtState: N/ACountry: GermanyDate Taken: 2009First flight August 8, 2005. Air Algerie has a fleet of 16 737's. This one departs Frankfurt's runway 18. This is one of the best shooting spots anywhere. It's from a public area and you are basically about as close to the runway as the taxiway would be.
299 viewsAirline: South African AirwaysType: Airbus 340-600Registration: ZS-SNFAirport: FRACity: FrankfurtState: n/aCountry: GermanyDate Taken: 2009SAA just after pushback from the gates at Frankfurt. First flight December 3, 2003.
334 viewsAirline: Korean Air CargoType: Boeing 747Registration: HL7602Airport: FRACity: FrankfurtCountry: GermanyDate Taken: 2009Korean Air departing on runway 7L at Frankfurt. HL7602 was delivered new to Korean Air Cargo on October 31st 2005.
327 viewsAirline: Safi AirwaysType: Boeing 767-200Registration: YA-AQSAirport: FRACity: FrankfurtCountry: GermanyDate Taken: Septemer 2009Originally CAAC, Air China B-2554 then to Safi on August 13, 2007. Evening arrival into Frankfurt. Safi Airways is an Afghanistan airlines.
317 viewsAirline: N/AType: truckRegistration: N/AAirport: FRACity: FrankfurtCountry: GermanyDate Taken: September 2009What a great idea! A "soup truck" offering a warm or cold drink on the busy ramp. This vehicle has paper cups and offers "FREE" hot soup, cold water, ice tea, and lemonade. What else could you ask for?
316 viewsAirline: US AirwaysType: Airbus 330-300Registration: N273AYAirport: FRACity: FrankfurtCountry: GermanyDate Taken: September 2009Originally delivered to US Airways on May 18, 2000 as N673UW but changed registration to N273AY on May 15, 2006.
333 viewsAirline: Air BerlinType: Airbus 319-112Registration: D-ABGQAirport: FRACity: FrankfurtCountry: GermanyDate Taken: September 2009View showing the new Frankfurt control tower being errected in the background.
521 viewsAirline: Cathay Pacific AirlinesType: Boeing 747-400Registration: B-HOW Airport: FRACity: FrankfurtCountry: GermanyDate Taken: September 2009Departing runway 25R on a clear September day in Germany. You can see where Condor loads their winglet 767's at a remote ramp in between two taxiways. Frankfurt utilizes every foot of concrete ramp space!
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