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800 viewsAirline: Walter G. HanniType: Dehaviland Beaver DHC-2 MK.1Registration: N5162GAirport: Lake HoodCity: Anchorage State: AlaskaCountry: USADate Taken: August 15, 2013Built in 1953 powered by Pratt and Whitney R-985. Just about to lift off of Lake Hood with 8 seats available. Previous owners: US Army, Civil Air Patrol, Alaska River Safaris, and Walter G. Hanni, Anchorage, AK.
411 viewsAirline: Brooks Air FuelType: Douglas DC-4Registration: N96358Airport: FAICity: FairbanksState: AlaskaCountry: USADate Taken: May 14, 2010Settling down on runway 2 left after a smooth flight from Shungnak. This DC-4 has proven itself now for over 60 years. I actually shot photos and video of this aircraft during Florida's forest fires in 1998 at Lake City.
366 viewsAirline: Rust's Flying ServiceType: Dehavilland DHC-2 BeaverRegistration: N4444ZAirport: Lake HoodCity: AnchorageState: AlaskaCountry: USADate Taken: May 8, 2010Rusts began operations in 1963 and has continuously grown its fleet. Today Rusts and K2 Aviation are based at Lake Hood and Talkeetna, Alaska. The 2 airlines operate passenger and cargo flights around the region as well as a number of sightseeing services.
383 viewsAirline: Alaska Air TaxiType: Shorts SkyvanRegistration: N731EAirport: Lake HoodCity: AnchorageState: AlaskaCountry: USADate Taken: May 8, 2010One of the very few aircraft not able to use the lake is this fixed gear Skyvan which will taxi out and use the short airstrip next to the lake.
410 viewsAirline: Sportsmans Leasing LLC.Type: DeHavilland DHC-2 BeaverRegistration: N996SPAirport: Lake HoodCity: AnchorageState: AlaskaCountry: USADate Taken: May 8, 2010After a full day of shooting Anchorage International transport aircraft I wandered over to shoot some evening shots at the world's biggest float plane base, Lake Hood.
354 viewsAirline: USCG "Clearwater" Type: Lockheed C-130Registration: 1500Airport: OPFCity: Opa LockaState: FloridaCountry: USADate Taken: October 29, 2009First time I've seen a Coast Guard C-130 landing at Opa Locka. I was in Miami Lakes at the Publix parking lot when I shot this aircraft on approach along with a DC-3.
301 viewsAirline: Aeroshell TeamType: North American AT-6 TexanRegistration: N/AAirport: OSHCity: OshkoshState: WisconsinCountry: USADate Taken: 2009The team does an excellent night airshow. Seen it once at the Lakeland sun n' fun. The Aeroshell team website:
364 viewsAirline: unknownType: North American P-51B MustangRegistration: N551EAirport: OSHCity: OshkoshState: WisconsinCountry: USADate Taken: 2009This aircraft was rebuilt from a Mustang that flew into Lake Louise in Florida in 1944 and was recovered in 2001.
306 viewsAirline: privateType: Yakovlev Yak-52TWRegistration: N207YK N552TW N122FS N418JB L-RAirport: LALCity: LakelandState: FloridaCountry: USADate Taken: April 2007Beautiful pack of Yaks in formation with our DC-3 during an early morning flight for a couple passes over Sun n' Fun with 4 Yaks, a DC-3, and 4 CJ's. We made a temporary cloud layer over the airfield with 8 aircraft and smoke on.
300 viewsAirline: Erickson Air-CraneType: Sikorsky S-64FRegistration: N179ACAirport: OSHCity: OshkoshState: WisconsinCountry: USADate Taken: July, 2009This Sikorsky is used to fight forest fires. It performed earlier in March at an airshow in Australia. This one named "Elvis" did several water drops down the runway and headed back to the lake for a second display at the airshow. It holds up to 2,650 gallons.
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