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503 viewsAirline: Erikson Aero TankersType: DC-7BRegistration: N838DAirport: RDMCity: RedmondState: OregonCountry: USADate Taken: July 31, 2013Relocating from Medford due to the airport poor visibility as smoke chokes the city with visibility less than a mile.
407 viewsAirline: NEPTUNE AVIATIONType: P2V-5FRegistration: N96264Airport: MFRCity: MEDFORDState: OREGONCountry: USADate Taken: AUGUST 9, 2012Second out of the loading pit tanker 12 taxis out at the Medford tanker base for the 90 mile trip to the Barry fire east of Klamath Falls, OR. The Klamath tanker base was closed approx. 4:30pm for runway improvements which added another 50 miles to the one way trips.
486 viewsAirline: CONAIR AVIATIONType: CONVAIR 580Registration: C-GYXCAirport: MFRCity: MEDFORDState: OREGONCountry: USADate Taken: AUGUST 9, 2012Tanker 42 from Canada makes her way to a fire just South of Medford about 12 miles and is soon back for another load follwing a couple DC-7's and a Neptune to the Barry fire farther East.
412 viewsAirline: CONAIR AVIATIONType: CONVAIR 580Registration: C-GYXCAirport: MFRCity: MEDFORDState: OREGONCountry: USADate Taken: AUGUST 9, 2012Returning a second time from a fire 12 miles South of Medford near the California border. Unlike the DC-7 restrictions only allowing them to fly over non-federal lands the Canadian Convair has free reign and is used more frequently.
418 viewsAirline: BUTLER AVIATIONType: DC-7BRegistration: N401USAirport: MFRCity: MEDFORDState: OREGONCountry: USADate Taken: AUGUST 9, 2012Approaching 7:17pm as the last of the tanker flights tanker 62 will sleep well in Meford tonight.
407 viewsAirline: Butler AviationType: DC-7BRegistration: N838DAirport: MFRCity: MedfordState: OregonCountry: USADate Taken: August 9, 2012Taxiing out to depart about 7:15pm as the sun begins to set behind the mountain range to the West this DC-7 will drop one last time before routing back to the base at Medford. Thanks for stopping by!
Eastern DC-7 N836D at Charlotte439 viewsAirline: Eastern airlines (Historic Flight Foundation)Type: DC-7BRegistration: N836DAirport: CLTCity: CharlotteState: North CarolinaCountry: USADate Taken: November 18, 2011Gear free of the pavement the first signs of a potential engine problem can be seen. The engines all seemed to be producing the required power and there was no audible sign of anything out of the ordinary when the seven passed by.
360 viewsAirline: DeltaType: MD-11Registration: N807DEAirport: ATLCity: AtlantaState: GeorgiaCountry: USADate Taken: 2003The MD-11 could not make its promised range after flight testing and the manufacturer was forced to credit the airlines that ordered them. One change was the addition of fuel tanks that were added to the lower cargo hold like large containers which had to be installed and leak checked.
399 viewsAirline: Everts Air FuelType: Douglas DC-6Registration: N451CEAirport: FAICity: FairbanksState: AlaskaCountry: USADate Taken: May 11, 2010Sporting a brand new livery is this Fueler that for many years flew with a common but yet attractive white/grey scheme with a black cheatline, similar to the look of the USAF and Navy livery. The black cord running above the wings is a safety item used on the ground for attaching a harness when mechanics do wing walking.
319 viewsAirline: United Type: Boeing 757Registration: N534UAAirport: ORDCity: ChicagoState: IllinoisCountry: USADate Taken: October 2, 2009Just barely stealing the little bit of sun left for the afternoon. A nice rainy front closed in just before my flight to Minneapolis for a chance to fly on my first 747-200 into Boeing field museum. See my other photos of N624US.
292 viewsAirline: DeltaType: Boeing 767-400Registration: N827MHAirport: ATLCity: AtlantaState: GeorgiaCountry: USADate Taken: 11/19/09Delta owns 21 Boeing 767-400's and was the first airline to order this Boeing type. As with the 757-300, there weren't an astronomical amount of them produced. It is one of the only aircraft with a "raked" wingtip. The tip is extended but angled rearward giving it a bird's feather look.
311 viewsAirline: AirtranType: Boeing 737-700Registration: N176ATAirport: ATLCity: AtlantaState: GeorgiaCountry: USADate Taken: 11/19/09One of many Airtran's 737-700's which started accepting orders when the winglets were not yet incorporated. Most of them if not all now have the winglets. Some installed later in life. I have several aircraft shot pre and post winglets.
295 viewsAirline: American Trans Air (ATA)Type: Lockheed L-1011Registration: N161ATAirport: ATLCity: AtlantaState: GeorgiaCountry: USADate Taken: N/AOriginally delivered on October 20, 1981 to Royal Jordanian Airlines as JY-AGB. Now stored since June 2007 in Roswell, New Mexico.
291 viewsAirline: United ORD Chicago N457UA O'hareType: Airbus 320Registration: N457UAAirport: ORDCity: ChicagoState: IllinoisCountry: USADate Taken: October 2, 2009First delivered to United on January 21, 2000. Painted as the airline "Ted" July 21, 2004. For this aircraft the new United colors was recently applied in January this year. Looks like a new airplane!
346 viewsAirline: Eastern Air TransportType: Ford TrimotorRegistration: N8407Airport: OSHCity: OshkoshState: WisconsinCountry: USADate Taken: 2009EAA Aviation Foundation's museum aircraft flies every day at Oshkosh Air Venture giving rides. There's also a few helicopter rides to experience.
315 viewsAirline: Northwest / DeltaType: Boeing 747-200Registration: N624USAirport: BFICity: SeattleState: WashingtonCountry: USADate Taken: October 2, 2009Taxiing past the "Museum of Flight" at Boeing Field Seattle with the Concord visible.
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