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800 viewsAirline: Walter G. HanniType: Dehaviland Beaver DHC-2 MK.1Registration: N5162GAirport: Lake HoodCity: Anchorage State: AlaskaCountry: USADate Taken: August 15, 2013Built in 1953 powered by Pratt and Whitney R-985. Just about to lift off of Lake Hood with 8 seats available. Previous owners: US Army, Civil Air Patrol, Alaska River Safaris, and Walter G. Hanni, Anchorage, AK.
391 viewsAirline: NEPTUNE AVIATIONType: P2V-5FRegistration: N96264Airport: LMTCity: KLAMATH FALLSState: OREGONCountry: USADate Taken: AUGUST 9, 2012Nothing like a clean starting R-3350 to give you an idea how inefficient the engine oil usage is on these large radial engines. The jet engine on each wing has a hydraulic driven inlet door that closes when not in use so the turbines do not windmill inflight causing bearing failure.
420 viewsAirline: Universal airlinesType: DC-6Registration: N500UAAirport: ENACity: KenaiState: AlaskaCountry: USADate Taken: May 6, 2011Running all four after pre-oiling the radials. This six and another N600UA will be used on a summer contract hauling fish throughout Alaska.
403 viewsAirline: Brooks Air FuelType: Douglas DC-4Registration: N96358Airport: FAICity: FairbanksState: AlaskaCountry: USADate Taken: May 14, 2010View showing the typical heating system used to warm up the radial engines before a flight. In colder temps the addition of engine inlet covers would be installed which closes the front except for the hose.
341 viewsAirline: Butler AircraftType: Douglas DC-7BRegistration: N838DAirport: RDMCity: RedmondState: OregonCountry: USADate Taken: 2009Business seat on the DC-7 energized by four Wright Cyclone R-3350 turbo-compound radial engines.
364 viewsAirline: Neptune AviationType: Lockheed P2V NeptuneRegistration: N807NAAirport: RDMCity: RedmondState: OregonCountry: USADate Taken: 2009Neptune Inc. along with Butler aircraft are about the only heavy piston aircraft operators still fighting forest fires throughout the US. The pods seen under the wings are actually small jet engines which are used on takeoff only. The jet engines burn on 115/145 Avgas. The mechanics called them Westinghouse defuelers.
The two radials are 18 cylinder, aircooled, Wright R3350-32WA engines, rated at 2,800 horsepower, driving Hamilton Standard hydromatic propellers. A unique aircraft in that on takeoff you hear the radial engine and the Westinghouse J34-WE-36 turbojet engines. Sounds like two aircraft in unison!
Candler Field Express337 viewsAirline: Poly FiberType: DC-3Registration: N28AAAirport: CCOCity: NewnanState: GeorgiaCountry: USADate Taken: August 2009Departing on the 5,500 ft. runway 32 back towards Griffin a beautifully restored time piece of aviation past still graces the skies over Georgia. She gives rides, trains pilots, and does recurrent FAA training flights. Still with a passenger interior, PSU's, bathroom, galley, seats, carpet, and curtains! She flies once or twice a week for most of the year including to a few fly-ins and Oshkosh.
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