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391 viewsAirline: NEPTUNE AVIATIONType: P2V-5FRegistration: N96264Airport: LMTCity: KLAMATH FALLSState: OREGONCountry: USADate Taken: AUGUST 9, 2012Nothing like a clean starting R-3350 to give you an idea how inefficient the engine oil usage is on these large radial engines. The jet engine on each wing has a hydraulic driven inlet door that closes when not in use so the turbines do not windmill inflight causing bearing failure.
389 viewsAirline: Neptune Aviation Inc.Type: Lockheed P2V-7 NeptuneRegistration: N14447Airport: JEFFCO tanker baseCity: Broomsfield State: ColoradoCountry: USADate Taken: 2002-2003 seasonThis aircraft crashed yesterday while working the "Whitrock Fire" in Western Utah claiming the lives of both crew members. May they rest in peace and our hearts go out the the families of these proud men. This is a scan taken from a Kodak negative.
498 viewsAirline: Eastern airlines (Historic Flight Foundation)Type: DC-7BRegistration: N836DAirport: CLTCity: CharlotteState: North CarolinaCountry: USADate Taken: November 18, 2011Positive rate gear up as number three starts to lose oil on runway 18L and causes the crew to abort the flight, feather the number three prop, and route back to the airfield.
420 viewsAirline: Everts Air FuelType: DC-6Registration: N451CEAirport: ENACity: KenaiState: AlaskaCountry: USADate Taken: May 6, 2011After 20 minutes the DC-6 is loaded with fuel or heating oil and the crew has enough time for a last minute weather check and a cup of java before the first morning flight gets under way.
396 viewsAirline: Universal airlinesType: DC-6Registration: N500UAAirport: ENACity: KenaiState: AlaskaCountry: USADate Taken: May 6, 2011Kenai is definitely a haven for Pratt and Whitney R-2800 engines and another example is coughing to life about to begin the busy fish hauling season throughout the Alaskan Peninsula.
352 viewsAirline: Universal airlinesType: DC-6Registration: N500UAAirport: ENACity: KenaiState: AlaskaCountry: USADate Taken: May 6, 2011Working out the details as mechanics run all four engines prior to the upcoming fish hauling contracts begin.
375 viewsAirline: Everts Air FuelType: Curtiss C-46 CommandoRegistration: N1822MAirport: ENACity: KenaiState: AlaskaCountry: USADate Taken: May 6, 2011"Salmon Ella" starts her taxi from the loading area. Bound for Beluga airfield with 2,000 gallons of unleaded fuel onboard.
361 viewsAirline: EasternType: Douglas DC-7BRegistration: N836DAirport: OPFCity: Opa LockaState: FloridaCountry: USADate Taken: January 14, 2011Shot at just the right time to catch some Wright R-3350 raw fuel and oil catch fire while the crew starts all four engines after pre-oiling them.
415 viewsAirline: World AirwaysType: MD-11Registration: N272WAAirport: ATLCity: AtlantaState: GeorgiaCountry: USADate Taken: March 2006A regular charter into Atlanta and maintained at Delta Techops. World seems to always use max power takeoffs as a heavy stream a smoke can be seen as they start their rollout.
371 viewsAirline: DeltaType: 767-300Registration: N177DNAirport: ATLCity: AtlantaState: GeorgiaCountry: USADate Taken: December 23, 2010Delta has already converted about 10 767-300's with winglets. Starting several years ago they began adding winglets to their 757 and 767's. Delta is also installing winglets on LAN 767-300 aircraft. The way fuel prices are going up, the decision to install them will pay off.
381 viewsAirline: Continental Star AllianceType: Boeing 737-800Registration: N26210Airport: LASCity: Las VegasState: NevadaCountry: USADate Taken: November 18, 2010Delivered June 23, 1998 to Continental and painted on January 19, 2010 in the Star Alliance colors.
345 viewsAirline: Airborne Imaging Inc.Type: DC-3Registration: N737HAirport: SQICity: Rock FallsState: IllinoisCountry: USADate Taken: July 26, 2010One of the 27 Douglas DC-3's that showed up at Whiteside County airport in the middle of corn fields for the 75th anniversary DC-3 celebration called "The Last Time".
322 viewsAirline: Everts AirType: Douglas DC-6Registration: N/AAirport: FAICity: FairbanksState: AlaskaCountry: USADate Taken: May 11, 2010A sight of the Everts future? Perhaps not. The DC-9's will for now be a suppliment to help expand their reaches to more communities. For now they will start slow with one DC-9 to establish their turbine operation program. The DC-9's will be used for paved runways, and the props for gravel strips.
345 viewsAirline: Everts Air FuelType: Douglas DC-6Registration: N747CEAirport: FAICity: FairbanksState: AlaskaCountry: USADate Taken: May 13, 2010Everts DC-6 levels off to gain airspeed as the junk (gear) is pulled up. They flew two morning Fuel departures and the same two flew again in the afternoon. The majority of them head out to the South away from the city for safety reasons unless winds are strong from the North. The fuelers seem to always stay low on departure unlike the cargo DC-6's which start climbing about midfield.
305 viewsAirline: Brooks FuelType: Douglas DC-4Registration: N96258Airport: PAGHCity: ShungnakState: AlaskaCountry: USADate Taken: May 14, 2010Shungnak has one 4,000 X 60 foot gravel runway 9/27. We landed on R9 taxiing off the only exit about 100 feet from the end and parked on the apron facing directly South. I'd say we occupied roughly a third of the available parking space. Took us 77 minutes from stop to start in Shungnak.
293 viewsAirline: Candler Field ExpressType: DC-3Registration: N28AAAirport: CCOCity: NewnanState: GeorgiaCountry: USADate Taken: April 16, 2010Number 2 warms up before our check flight. There's a prop AD that requires them to be overhauled every 5 years and it costs almost $10,000 ouch!
325 viewsAirline: Air PanamaType: Fokker F-27-200 Friendship Registration: HP-1542PSTAirport: SJOCity: San JoseState: N/ACountry: Costa RicaDate Taken: 2006While on a business trip to work on an aircraft I spotted this gem from the hangar and snapped a quick shot.
296 viewsAirline: AiresType: Boeing 737-700Registration: HK-4623Airport: FLLCity: Fort LauderdaleState: FloridaCountry: USADate Taken: December 15, 2010Aires started Bogota service into the US on November 25th, 2009 and is using the same aircraft 4 times a week. Flight to Fort Lauderdale leaves Bogota at 7.20 am, getting to FLL at 11 am, and returning 2 hours later to Bogota at 4.30pm.
371 viewsAirline: Delta Type: Lockheed L-1011 TristarRegistration: N/AAirport: VCVCity: VictorvilleState: CaliforniaCountry: USADate Taken: August 2004Great angle from under the wing of an ex-Kalitta tristar is a line up of eleven ex-Delta L-1011's. For most of them may you rest in one piece!
311 viewsAirline: AirtranType: Boeing 737-700Registration: N176ATAirport: ATLCity: AtlantaState: GeorgiaCountry: USADate Taken: 11/19/09One of many Airtran's 737-700's which started accepting orders when the winglets were not yet incorporated. Most of them if not all now have the winglets. Some installed later in life. I have several aircraft shot pre and post winglets.
335 viewsAirline: Jade CargoType: Boeing 747Registration: B-2423Airport: FRACity: FrankfurtState: N/ACountry: GermanyDate Taken: 2009Jade Cargo International Company Ltd. was founded in October 2004 as a joint venture between Shenzhen Airlines (51%), Lufthansa Cargo AG (25%) and the German development finance institute DEG-Deutsche Investitions- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH (24%). The Company's headquarter is located in Shenzhen (SZX), a fast-growing industrial hub in Pearl River Delta of Guangdong province in China. The airline currently has around 390 employees.
Jade Cargo International started flight operations in August 2006 and operates currently a fleet of six B747-400ERFs (Extended Range Freighter).
325 viewsAirline: Herpa Type: DC-3Registration: N143DAirport: OSHCity: OshkoshState: WisconsinCountry: USADate Taken: 2009Rather ominous storm clouds at the start of the day. This DC-3 wears the colors of an exact copy of the Herpa DC-3 miniature model. Herpa sponsored the aircraft at several US airshows. I actually crewed this aircraft to the 2006 Oshkosh show from Atlanta, Georgia.
323 viewsAirline: DeltaType: DC-9-50Registration: N670NCAirport: MSPCity: MinneapolisState: MinnesotaCountry: USADate Taken: 2009Built 1976 DC-9 taxis by the terminal at Minneapolis. Previously with Continental airlines, Muse Air, Transtar, and also Swissair HB-ISP.
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