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365 viewsAirline: DeltaType: Boeing 767-400Registration: N844MHAirport: ATLCity: AtlantaState: GeorgiaCountry: USADate Taken: December 23, 2010One of three Delta aircraft in the SKY TEAM livery. The first was a 757-200, then 767-400, and now a 767-300ER.
365 viewsAirline: unknownType: DC-3Registration: N47060Airport: SQICity: Rock FallsState: IllinoisCountry: USADate Taken: July 26, 2010One of the 27 Douglas DC-3's that showed up at Whiteside County airport in the middle of corn fields for the 75th anniversary DC-3 celebration called "The Last Time".
364 viewsAirline: unknownType: North American P-51B MustangRegistration: N551EAirport: OSHCity: OshkoshState: WisconsinCountry: USADate Taken: 2009This aircraft was rebuilt from a Mustang that flew into Lake Louise in Florida in 1944 and was recovered in 2001.
364 viewsAirline: Sun WingType: Boeing 737-800Registration: C-FRZHAirport: LASCity: Las VegasState: NevadaCountry: USADate Taken: November 18, 2010Special charter aircraft comes in on Thursdays along with a bunch of oddball airlines not normally scheduled earlier in the week.
364 viewsAirline: AmericanType: Boeing 757-200Registration: N178AAAirport: MIACity: MiamiState: FloridaCountry: USADate Taken: January 2009Delivered February 21, 2002 to American Airlines as N178AA serial number 32398.
364 viewsAirline: Neptune AviationType: Lockheed P2V NeptuneRegistration: N807NAAirport: RDMCity: RedmondState: OregonCountry: USADate Taken: 2009Neptune Inc. along with Butler aircraft are about the only heavy piston aircraft operators still fighting forest fires throughout the US. The pods seen under the wings are actually small jet engines which are used on takeoff only. The jet engines burn on 115/145 Avgas. The mechanics called them Westinghouse defuelers.
The two radials are 18 cylinder, aircooled, Wright R3350-32WA engines, rated at 2,800 horsepower, driving Hamilton Standard hydromatic propellers. A unique aircraft in that on takeoff you hear the radial engine and the Westinghouse J34-WE-36 turbojet engines. Sounds like two aircraft in unison!
363 viewsAirline: Yankee Air MuseumType: DC-3Registration: N8709 4-476716Airport: OSHCity: OshkoshState: WisconsinCountry: USADate Taken: 2009Departing Oshkosh back to Willow Run. One of at least four DC-3's seen at the Air Venture.
363 viewsAirline: WestjetType: Boeing 737-700Registration: C-FUWSAirport: FLLCity: Fort LauderdaleState: FloridaCountry: USADate Taken: January 15, 2010Serial number 32765 Delivered September 22, 2004 to Westjet.--------------------------------------------------------------------
363 viewsAirline: Everts Air FuelType: Curtiss C-46FRegistration: N1822MAirport: ENACity: KenaiState: AlaskaCountry: USADate Taken: May 6, 2011Off to Beluga with 2,000 gallons of unleaded fuel. Although it is politically in the Kenai Peninsula Borough, Beluga is actually on the Alaskan mainland on the other side of Cook Inlet from the peninsula. It is a remote location with no road access.

363 viewsAirline: AirtranType: Boeing 737-700Registration: N288ATAirport: LASCity: Las VegasState: NevadaCountry: USADate Taken: November 19, 2010Airtran logo jet with a "Georgia State" symbol on both sides of ship 288. Not an easy spot to catch the turns prior to departure, but nevertheless possible.
363 viewsAirline: Everts Air FuelType: DC-6Registration: N444CEAirport: FAICity: FairbanksState: AlaskaCountry: USADate Taken: May 4, 2011One of several nose art DC-6's owned by Everts and carries a bald eagle and flag with titles "Spirit of America" which was first painted in 2001.
363 viewsAirline: DeltaType: Boeing 757-200Registration: N638DLAirport: ATLCity: AtlantaState: GeorgiaCountry: USADate Taken: December 23, 2010Delta's first aircraft painted in this livery. The inscription below the cockpit window says "Jerry, thank you for your leadership from the 47,163 employees of Delta". Jerry Grinstein was the current CEO of Delta when many employees began returning to work after furloughs. Landing on R28 which is actually a 274.4 degree heading.
363 viewsAirline: Brooks Air FuelType: Douglas DC-4Registration: N96358Airport: FAICity: FairbanksState: AlaskaCountry: USADate Taken: May 14, 2010Taking a break is the Brooks DC-4 while a tanker truck fills with its cargo of unleaded fuel. Brooks takes pride in keeping his aircraft clean and it shows.
362 viewsAirline: Florida Air TransportType: DC-4, C-54ERegistration: N460WA, N70BFAirport: OPFCity: Opa LockaState: FloridaCountry: USADate Taken: January 2011Still in service is a newly aquired C-54 N460WA and DC-6 N70BF which is now sporting a new Pan Am style stripe and is aptly named,"Clipper Freedom". She doesn't have titles or a tail logo yet but that is the future plan.
362 viewsAirline: IcaroType: Boeing 737-200Registration: HC-CFDAirport: UIOCity: QuitoState: N/ACountry: EcuadorDate Taken: December 2009Icaro aquired this aircraft from Safair and has neglected to paint it. The logo is only on one side. The airline has three aircraft and in the midst of unveiling a new color scheme. Let's hope it's a good one!
362 viewsAirline: Everts Air CargoType: Douglas DC-6Registration: N151Airport: ANCCity: AnchorageState: AlaskaCountry: USADate Taken: May 10, 2010N151 became familiar as I shot it here in Anchorage Monday and unexpectedly I seen it landing in Fairbanks on Thursday evening. More than likely a maintenance repositioning as N251CE took off later probably to replace the open cargo position out of Anchorage. Everts used to fly a C-46 or DC-6 every night for a mail run ANC-FAI-ANC years ago but it seems to have stopped.
362 viewsAirline: Universal airlinesType: DC-6Registration: N170UAAirport: ENACity: KenaiState: AlaskaCountry: USADate Taken: May 6, 2011One of Universal's three DC-6's in storage at the end of the ramp waiting for the busy fish hauling season.
362 viewsAirline: Everts Air FuelType: Douglas DC-6Registration: N451CEAirport: FAICity: FairbanksState: AlaskaCountry: USADate Taken: May 12, 2010Sporting a brand new livery is this Fueler that for many years flew with a common but yet attractive white/grey scheme with a black cheatline, similar to the look of the USAF and Navy livery. This is the only DC-6 to be painted in this scheme. Let's hope we can see it fly for a while this way!
362 viewsAirline: Universal airlinesType: DC-6Registration: N500UAAirport: ENACity: KenaiState: AlaskaCountry: USADate Taken: May 6, 2011Early morning as the props drown out any sounds of the Era turboprop arrivals. Era and Grant Aviation are the airlines serving Kenai.
361 viewsAirline: CargoluxType: Boeing 747-400Registration: LX-SCVAirport: UIOCity: QuitoState: N/ACountry: EcuadorDate Taken: February 2011Just crossing the piano keys this Cargolux is a regular visitor into Quito along with an occassional 747 from World Airways.
361 viewsAirline: Lineas Aereas SuramericanasType: Boeing 727 Registration: HK-4354Airport: UIOCity: QuitoState: N/ACountry: EquadorDate Taken: 2008Excellent old aircraft with an awesome backdrop of Equatorian mountains. This aircraft does an occasional flight for Cubana into Havana, Cuba. Too bad they retired the 727-100's.
361 viewsAirline: LufthansaType: 747-400Registration: D-ABVNAirport: FRACity: FrankfurtState: n/aCountry: GermanyDate Taken: 2009Evening at the full Lufthansa ramp. The close 747 registered D-ABVN was delivered to Lufthansa on May 8, 1992.
361 viewsAirline: Virgin GalacticType: White Knight II Registration: N348MSAirport: OSHCity: Oshkosh State: WisconsinCountry: USADate Taken: 2009Space launch vehicle the WhiteKnightTwo (WK2) being flown for the first time by Virgin Group CEO Sir Richard Branson. This is the first public demonstration flight. Branson partnered with an Abu Dhabi group wil begin launching satellites into space from the WK2 in about 3 years. The twin boom design will carry 6 passengers in the right cabin and NOAA scientific instruments in the left cabin. It will carry rocket-launch vehicles capable of putting satellites into orbit of up to 200 kilograms.
361 viewsAirline: EasternType: Douglas DC-7BRegistration: N836DAirport: OPFCity: Opa LockaState: FloridaCountry: USADate Taken: January 14, 2011Shot at just the right time to catch some Wright R-3350 raw fuel and oil catch fire while the crew starts all four engines after pre-oiling them.
360 viewsAirline: Forca Aerea BrasileiraType: C-99A ERJRegistration: 2520Airport: UIOCity: QuitoState: N/ACountry: EcuadorDate Taken: December 2009We got lucky to see this rare visit from the Brasil air force. Awesome view of the Quito neighborhoods in the background.
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