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392 viewsAirline: Everts Air FuelType: Curtiss C-46FRegistration: N1822MAirport: ENACity: KenaiState: AlaskaCountry: USADate Taken: MAY 6, 2011Sitting in the roomy crew seat and looking out through the plentiful supply of windows it would be hard not to enjoy flying this old bird in such a beautiful state!
392 viewsAirline: Cubana CargoType: Tupolev 204Registration: CU-C1703Airport: UIOCity: QuitoState: N/ACountry: EcuadorDate Taken: February 2011It was a delight to see this russian aircraft coming into Quito three times during our stay. Last visit the Cubana was substituted by a LAS cargo 727-200, which wasn't a complete let down...
392 viewsAirline: Sky Lease CargoType: MD-11Registration: N952ARAirport: MIACity: MiamiState: FloridaCountry: USADate Taken: January 2011Operating an ex. China Eastern MD-11 this is the omly full colors aircraft for Sky Lease which is owned by Centurion air Cargo.
392 viewsAirline: TAMEType: Embraer E-170Registration: HC-CEXAirport: UIOCity: QuitoState: N/ACountry: EcuadorDate Taken: February 2011Always an interesting shot when the morning light and the fog hangs around the mountains. Plus you don't even have to leave the hotel room!
392 viewsAirline: Pen AirType: Saab 340Registration: N365PXAirport: ANCCity: AnchorageState: AlaskaCountry: USADate Taken: May 8, 2010Still wearing the original 1991 delivery registration when it was used by Northwest Express and Mesaba airlines.
392 viewsAirline: Everts Air FuelType: DC-6Registration: N451CEAirport: ENACity: KenaiState: AlaskaCountry: USADate Taken: May 6, 2011The success of Everts Air Fuel is largely due to the dependable Pratt n' Whitney design and widespread use both during wartime and civilian airline service. Both the C-46 and DC-6 use the R-2800 engine.
392 viewsAirline: Aeromexico TravelType: MD-80Registration: N838AMAirport: LASCity: Las VegasState: NevadaCountry: USADate Taken: November 18, 2010Another special charter arriving on Thursday makes for an exciting day wondering what will arrive next. Interesting that this was an ex Valujet N830VV.
392 viewsAirline: U2 charterType: MD-80Registration: N949ASAirport: LASCity: Las VegasState: NevadaCountry: USADate Taken: November 19, 2010U2 arrived or maybe just the aircraft since it departed prhaps 2 hours later on the other runway. Nice treat on what looked to be a total cloudy day.
391 viewsAirline: John ReffettType: C-119 Flying BoxcarRegistration: N1394N, N8501WAirport: PAQCity: PalmerState: AlaskaCountry: USADate Taken: May 9, 2010To learn more about these aircraft go to www.flyingboxcar.com
391 viewsAirline: Airbus IndustriesType: Airbus A-380Registration: F-WWDDAirport: OSHCity: OshkoshState: WisconsinCountry: USADate Taken: 2009The Big Boy doing a rather hard landing at Oshkosh. I heard it was trying to hit the numbers so they would be stopped in time to make the Aeroshell taxiway exit because the runway and taxiways would not have been wide enough to accomodate a safe turn around. There is a very prominent wing deflection in this shot.
391 viewsAirline: Valiant Air CommandType: DC-3Registration: N3239TAirport: SQICity: Rock FallsState: IllinoisCountry: USADate Taken: July 26, 2010One of the 27 Douglas DC-3's that showed up at Whiteside County airport in the middle of corn fields for the 75th anniversary DC-3 celebration called "The Last Time". This three is based at Space Coast Regional Airport (TIX)
Titusville, Florida.
391 viewsAirline: Eastern airlines (Historic Flight Foundation)Type: DC-7BRegistration: N836DAirport: CLTCity: CharlotteState: North CarolinaCountry: USADate Taken: November 18, 2011Touching down on 18C the longest runway at Charlotte. Several fire trucks followed the seven down the taxiways to the museum. Number three engine was feathered during their circuit back to the airport.
391 viewsAirline: NEPTUNE AVIATIONType: P2V-5FRegistration: N96264Airport: LMTCity: KLAMATH FALLSState: OREGONCountry: USADate Taken: AUGUST 9, 2012Nothing like a clean starting R-3350 to give you an idea how inefficient the engine oil usage is on these large radial engines. The jet engine on each wing has a hydraulic driven inlet door that closes when not in use so the turbines do not windmill inflight causing bearing failure.
391 viewsAirline: Seattle Museum of Flight - based VNYType: DC-2Registration: NC13711Airport: SQICity: Rock FallsState: IllinoisCountry: USADate Taken: July 26, 2010A special visitor to "The Last Time" was TWA DC-2 piloted by Clay Lacy. This Douglas DC-2 is one of only two examples remaining in the world. The aircraft has a MGTOW of only 19,200 pounds, and is flown normally around 14,000 pounds. It holds 600 gallons of fuel, and can remain airborne for almost 8 hours. The aircraft has rarely been seen in flight at any airshows since 1985, and has never been to Oshkosh for AirVenture.
391 viewsAirline: NEPTUNE AVIATIONType: N/ARegistration: N/AAirport: LMTCity: KLAMATH FALLSState: OREGONCountry: USADate Taken: AUGUST 8, 2012Neptune has a rather appropriately decorated maitenance trailer located here at LMT while both Tanker 12 and 40 are temporarily based.
390 viewsAirline: Dynamic AviationType: DC-3Registration: N47EAirport: SQICity: Rock FallsState: IllinoisCountry: USADate Taken: July 26, 2010C-47 built in 1943 US Army 43-30665 Built as a C-47A in Long Beach California, it rolled off the assembly line on September 23, 1943. It operated at various stateside locations during the 40's, 50's and 60's. From 1966-1972, it operated at the U.S. Army Proving Grounds at Ft. Huachuca AZ. In May, 1975 it was surplused to Summer Institute of Linguistics, Waxhaw NC, where it operated in South America as HK-2540P. In April 1990, it was purchased by K&K Aircraft. Captains: Karl Stoltzfus Sr., Michael Stoltzfus
390 viewsAirline: EasternType: Douglas DC-7BRegistration: N836DAirport: inflightCity: MiamiState: FloridaCountry: USADate Taken: January 15, 2011Making our turn around the South tip of Key Biscayne, specifically the lighthouse at Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park. We continue North back towards Opa Locka airport. Dedicated to the late Brian Gustafson who loved ole' props and lighthouses... This shot is for you Brian!
390 viewsAirline: Air CuencaType: Boeing 737-500Registration: HC-CJBAirport: UIOCity: QuitoState: N/ACountry: EcuadorDate Taken: February 2011This is been flying for one year into Quito and is the only aircraft of this new airline. Aircraft leased from Triton Aviation International.
389 viewsAirline: TWAType: DC-2Registration: NC12411Airport: SQICity: Rock FallsState: IllinoisCountry: USADate Taken: July 25th, 2010Distinctive nose section of one of the rare Douglas DC-2 aircraft still flyable in TWA colors. You can see the thinner fuselage compared to the DC-3. This DC-2 was the highlight ship of the show, actually left ahead of the DC-3 formation.
389 viewsAirline: Ecuadorian Air ForceType: HS-748 AvroRegistration: FAE-743Airport: UIOCity: QuitoState: N/ACountry: EcuadorDate Taken: February 2011Caught just crossing the airport boundary on approach as she whistles into Quito. Three of these 748's are owned by the Air Force and usually two are always in service sometimes several flights a day.
389 viewsAirline: IcaroType: Boeing 737-200Registration: HC-CFLAirport: UIOCity: QuitoState: N/ACountry: EcuadorDate Taken: February 2011After going long to the end this 732 is headed South to the terminal gates. Many of these 737-200's in Quito are highly utilized doing four or five trips a day.
389 viewsAirline: Neptune Aviation Inc.Type: Lockheed P2V-7 NeptuneRegistration: N14447Airport: JEFFCO tanker baseCity: Broomsfield State: ColoradoCountry: USADate Taken: 2002-2003 seasonThis aircraft crashed yesterday while working the "Whitrock Fire" in Western Utah claiming the lives of both crew members. May they rest in peace and our hearts go out the the families of these proud men. This is a scan taken from a Kodak negative.
389 viewsAirline: DeltaType: Boeing 757-200Registration: N717TWAirport: ATLCity: AtlantaState: GeorgiaCountry: USADate Taken: December 23, 2010One of three Delta aircraft in the SKY TEAM livery. The first was a 757-200, then 767-400, and now a 767-300ER.
389 viewsAirline: DeltaType: Boeing 727Registration: N/AAirport: VCVCity: VictorvilleState: CaliforniaCountry: USADate Taken: August 2004While cruising around the ramp we found a few intersting subjects to shoot as well as some depressing sights. Next stop the ingot.
388 viewsAirline: Air Canada JAZZType: CRJ-700Registration: C-GNJZAirport: ATLCity: AtlantaState: GeorgiaCountry: USADate Taken: November 27, 2010Delivered November 16, 2005 to Air Canada Jazz and renamed for Jazz Air. They have fifteen CRJ-700 aircraft in the fleet.
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